Shooting at THE WICKEN

shoot2The Wicken has 17 high quality partridge drives, enabling us to adjust each day’s shooting as dictated by differing weather conditions. It also allows those who wish for more extended sport to enjoy two day’s back-to-back shooting.

Our line of guns normally shoots between 125 brace to 200 brace of partridge per day.

At the start of 2012 the Wicken hired a new head keeper, Tom Goodridge, with a mandate to rethink the shoot from the ground up; lay out new drives; upgrade the game plots; revitalise the woods; and to rebuild our offering of both partridges and pheasants. Tom, who is a previous winner of the Purdey award, has worked at some of the pre-eminent shooting estates in the United Kingdom and brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the Wicken. Tom manages every aspect of the shoot and is responsible for ensuring that the day goes well.

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